Monday, June 22, 2009

we played a game at our summer solstice party. each poem had two contributers. one person wrote out four words (or so), spaced them out over four lines, and drew a box around it to make the margins. the second person, the poem writer, had to start on the left margin and use the words the already written words as they fell on the page and into their new lines. the bolded words are the ones written originally.

Uhaul Moving Paper

Come contain me. Spend your week
with me and my spider. We love to
flop around and climb trees. We
can take my car and drive to the
mountain. And then pretend to fly.

I brewed inside your belly. To become the
grown monster I am fully capable of
being. Please drink me up so I can
spend time with you. You cow, you.

light slips off your face as the sun sets low
and I can only smell how close you are to me.
I reach my arm over, but you throw forward your chest
and you begin to throw the sheets off, too. And I can't see.

Well, my skirt is supposed to stay
down. But, I was on a trip that went wrong.
Body wrenching, mind going, heart
sweling. I was wild of the thought of you!

record muppet
bat up
hip hop
toe bop

Wonder how to put the top of a mountain
into words, to spell the width of a redwood tree
how to hum the sounds of a river on the strings of a cello.
The world's crisis is the desperate effort to make
things one, just lay long and full of air and float.

The delicious dirt melts in my
mouth. It's gone in grassy lands.
kindly , I got it back after
licking my dirty lips. And throwing up.

You, toss
out the
slippery one, yes?
The river was nice.
Hello, cigarette?

"Call me Ghostman," he whispered into the ears of
everyone at the party. He
stripped down, from neck to ass and danced
naked. Then he stopped, deer in the headlights. "If
the pictures from this party show up on
facebook, I'll kill you all!!!"

Your smile. A sultry
crescent pressed upon my neck. True love.
Freedom to create space between your
world and mine. Do believe in love at first sight.

Through the tunnel, I slink down the hole...
Come, quickly!
Foxes await. Let us
share a bitter beer.

When I'm in this house, inside these
walls, I feel
more freedom than when I'm
expected to dance in the tulips, to lay
the sun. I'll show you what it is
that I enjoy...

Say you'll grow old with me. Let's laugh in
fields of lillies and dance like
a child. Freedom
to bother the mundance patterns
of the word.
Let's bear hug 'till dusk and romp like lions
'till dawn.

Touch my arm,
colour me green
smell me,
and hold me tight

on a table a
fat woman fell
and now my jenga
never return.

Jimmy legs are the legs I dance with.
They are gonna dominate your
pink Floyd Albums. I wish
you were here. why?

What is making this ruckus?
Model trains whistle and shriek
a turn too fast, fire erupts,
caboose is chipped. All is lost.

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