Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Signed Over the Bumper Stickers

I sold the bus today.
I can’t decide if it’s good to have ripped off the bandaid,
or if I needed more time for a real goodbye.
     Who did you sell it to? I always imagined it would be someone really
     ignorant, or some guy who knew what to expect to fix. Which was he?
Neither, just some guy who knew he wanted a bus.

He and his son just bought some kayaks
and needed a roof to put them on.

I got a picture of him. We were talking and I had to ask for just one more thing. There he is. Perfect, huh?
Definitely one of those pictures where you already
              Okay, I’m ready for the
I already got the
              Oh, uh
              Okay, that’s good then. So.

He said to me near the end,
              If someone were to ask me what this guy is called,
              what would I say?
Well, I’ve always called him Bert.

              I meant
              Volkswagen what?

Volkswagen Bus.

His son was driving me to a little
restaurant so I could wait for a
ride. And I just kept turning
back to get one more look at Bert.
I remembered to get all the magnets
out, but couldn’t find
the bear one, which is my
favorite, even though I
saw it just this morning.
     It was always behind that curtain.
Yeah, on the left
side by the back seat between the windows, I know.
But here is the back of the
magnet from our Ventura stop,
at least.

              Okay, I’m ready for the