Saturday, June 06, 2009

Taken For a Ride

You’ve got some pretty legs
but you don’t have to move them for me.

      JP takes his spot against the wall after bumping into my chair,
      and locks his wheelchair in place,
      brake, brake.

Ain’t goin’ nowhere now.

Is anyone eating this bread?
The birds will love this,
hungry little fuckers.
I bet they’d rather have oatmeal,
those precious little birds.
The don’t take up much room,
and they sure are a joy.

There aren’t many obstacles between
me, that fence, and those little guys
and I seem to be hitting every one of them today.
Ah, well, beggars can’t be choosers,
can you little finches?

      Woman hops out of a truck cab and stands at the
      curb looking at the friend who dropped her off.
      What do you want? Jeez, what are you waiting for? under her breath.
      What is she doing? in my direction, or to JP.

Wanted to get one long look at your ass
before she left.

      You’re in great form today, JP.

I was just wondering why I’d still be sitting there.
Hell, I am still sitting here.

      brake, brake.

But I used to drive a cab, about 11 years.
When I started out, no experience,
I had lots of interesting stories.
Then the people stopped seeming
so damn rare and fascinating.

I thought about driving again
but my legs don’t work,
as well as I bet yours do.

I am crazy about birds.
Birds with little hopping legs.

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