Monday, April 06, 2009

Even That Little Bird

Coffee Shop, VENTURA, CA. Saint Patrick's Day morning.
One way conversation, but directed at Laura, Alex and me.
Woman, mid 40's, zebra print pants with the fly broken, sunburned face, big hips, yellow lips
from sucking yellow lolipop.

They say I'm crazy.
And I say "Damn right! That's why I take these pills!"
Everybody's got a key.
The neighbor's got a key
in case of a fire.
The police got a key
in case to help save me,
or just break in a window.
The landlord's got a key
in case to kick me out.
The boyfriend's got a key
to let himself in with his stuff,
and out with mine.
Everybody's got a key. So
always bring your driver's license
when you leave the house cause if it's gone,
it wasn't you that took it. It was someone else.
My daddy has two houses,
and he doesn't even give me one.
Or a key.
He doesn't give me nothing!
Good thing I got a heavenly father
to take care of me.
He cares for everything on earth.
Jesus Christ, even that little bird.

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