Monday, February 02, 2009

We Woke Up Parched

This marks a day of change.
change of day, pants on two legs at
a time, right side of the bed
I made to lie on
    and onward and upward and up
up up on your feet little
       darling eyes opened!
Follow the pound of my voice drum
                             that can't go over it
can't go under it, around it,
has to beat through the new dawn.
Arise alive!

Be thirsty for the river rising
over your toes
    and onward and upward and up
up up on your feet little
       darling legs dancing!

Drink deep today and drown
your tongues, until songs
force a chatter between
      your tooth tooth      teeth.
Breathe until notes resonate
        upwards and outwards
and into the dry bones valley,
until the parched ones
rise up anew on
their foot foot                feet.


charlsey said...

chills. God gives me this certain type of chills when He's so in something i couldnt blame it on my imagination if i tried.
oh kate. your poem sings the truth of my life at this moment.
thank you for being open to what he has for you to declare. to sing from the rooftops! keep singing. the music reaches the mountains in colorado and shakes them to their core. my own heart included.

Lkroya said...

Do not ever stop,

Cat Thompson!!

p.s. I hope it's all right that I found your blog on the facebook.

Thank you.

jlee said...

you've got such wonderful words coming out between your
tooth tooth teeth

Madison Kerner said...

i like this a lot.


Taylor Adam Swift said...