Monday, April 06, 2009

Redwood Tree is Written Sequoia Sempervirens in Cursive

I crawled like a mole beneath the needles.
My fingers clawing through moist soil,
my hair catching on roots as big as arms,
my shoulders speckled with dirt
where most girls likely have freckles.

I heard twenty times from your mouth,
at least,
that you wanted to climb that tall tree.

I am Atlas on my tip toes pushing the weight
that feels like it crushes me,
though my spine is very straight
and probably very elegantly poised.

I writhed like a worm beneath the trunk
and with all my might
brought the three hundred and seventy feet
you had your eye so keenly fixed on
crashing to the forest floor.

I wanted to see you at the crown
of that tall tree.

My hand, from all that work,
was too dirty for you to hold.
I heard twenty times from your mouth,
at least.


Alex Ford said...

KAte, i read this again tonight. It is so beautiful. I love it so much. Thanks for sharing little bits of your heart in such beautiful ways.

Alex Ford said...

oh and i want more of your poetry. kind of like the Holy Spirit.