Friday, October 10, 2003

Night Life

The girls stayed up late last night.
Or, later than their Mother knew.
It was one of those evenings
that the crickets played
their square dance music
and the fireflies had a social
flitting by the porch screen.
Those fireflies were the life of every party,
with sparkling personalities
stealing the lime light
and playing hard to get.

The girls made themselves comfortable
on three cots lined up on the back porch.
Whispering and telling secrets
they waited for their mother
to fall asleep inside the house.

At the sound of mother's soft snoring
the girls creeped from their cots
gathered by the swinging door
and slowly pushed it's hinges,
cringing in anticipation
fearing they would wake mother.

The girls were silent and cautious,
wallflowers standing close to the screen.
Then the crickets struck up the music,
the fireflies began their dance,
and the girls took flight
chasing the streams of light
through the yard,
joining in the firefly follies.

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