Thursday, October 02, 2003

Channel 32 on Highway 9

Your radio tuner just won't change the station.
You don't really have anything against jazz
but the big band blocking the intersection
could be a road hazard
for people who accelerate
when they tap their toes to the beat.

How many tires will blow out before your bank account falls in?
These off-road reunions are getting too frequent
but at least you don't have to buy the hotdogs
for the tailgate parties
on Highway 9.
Can you buy hubcaps in packages of 10 like the buns?

You had never been on a safari
until you found the jungle in the median.
To save the whales
they started hanging traffic lights from trees.
You never expected to watch the Discovery Channel
from the interstate, did you?

Just remember that musicians roll in enough dough
to replace your tires
buy the hotdogs and buns
adopt Free Willy
and take you on a wildlife adventure.
Take pictures at their next concert.
The Discovery channel may do a special on them.

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