Tuesday, September 25, 2007


There is a hint of frustration in the air
on this burnt orange day,
which is technically, by the calendar, fall.
With my eyes closed and my feet stepping forward
I anticipate the crunching of leaves,
but find June bugs beneath my shoe instead.

I don’t know why complaints are our songs instead
of celebrations that the warmer air
has allowed our trees to keep their leaves
with green for at least a handful of days.
Yet we are always looking forward
to the autumn when those leaves let go and fall.

I find that I am not alone in that we have all fallen
out of love with September, who has chosen heat instead
of the familiar chill. Move forward
with the time. Get your proud nose out of the air
and let us celebrate our old days
together! If you love us, forget the sun and leave!

The autumn months are better because of the leaves
in piles, that seems to be begging for someone to fall
into like a child. Better because the days
of work are shorter and the nights see company instead.
Better because you can fill your lungs up with the air,
and its coolness powers you to keep pressing forward.

We need the hope of everything going forward.
It’s why we are so attracted to the changing of the leaves
and the feeling of thinness in the air.
The constant changing so familiar to fall
helps us to take delight in our own seasons instead
of dreading the differences of coming days.

We are holding out that today
is the last day of the summer. Move forward,
like clockwork! It is our secret desire that instead
of pretty green branches, autumn would make way for red leaves.
Do not make us wait any longer for the fall
that makes us want to taste the air.

Those cold days bring more than just a change to the air.
Our souls can move forward with the coming of fall.
It gives us peace, instead of fear, for the shedding of our own leaves.

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