Monday, September 17, 2007

Night Light

The sun brings out a certain quality in you.
Your eyes seem brighter, your laugh sounds lighter,
but the shade shows me something more true.
I notice the shadows hugging the lines
that make you look more like your age.
Don’t call them wrinkles
because I put them there!
I brought those smiles to your face.

I love how romantic and tender you get.
The glances you steal have a charming appeal
when candlelight brings out your blush.
But when the light in the room gets dim
I can feel your cheeks warm at my touch.
Don’t dare to cover
yourself with a sheet!
I love those curves at your waist.

There isn’t a thing in the world you could do
to change the way I look at you.
Not in spite of your changing face,
not with conditions about your shape.
There is no one more lovely,
No one more true,
No one could age with more grace than you do.


j lee said...

"because I put them there!"

you're so jazzy it hurts

Anonymous said...

You have a depth for understanding love, as if you have seen it, or felt it in the age and gender of your subjects, and yet... you are sooooo young and unexperienced. Your imagination and your heart seem to be aged and wise. Are you an old soul?