Monday, September 16, 2002

today, i was looking up at the wall in the acting room, and i saw a picture frame with three newspaper cutouts. they were all critiques of the same play, directed by two students who had graduated just a few years earlier. the reviews were less than flattering, however, their names were mentioned-five minutes of fame-due glory awarded. the detail that actually caught my attention however, is that the three papers were yellow and faded. despite having resided in a dark, flourecent lighted classroom, encased in glass, they managed to loose color. but i wonder if the memories fade as the pages do. have the boys gone on to bigger and better things? maybe there are whole magazine articles about them...not just silly news clippings. or possibly, the articles are as far as they made it. did their big break mean more to them when the article was white? have they just accumulated these old articles? or do they cherish their yellowed memory?

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