Monday, March 19, 2007

So Clever With Things

I mean too much to myself now.
I cannot compromise those beautifully unique things about myself
to satisfy even a lover who will share my heart.
And please, if you know and love me,
don't praise me for the sake of praising.
It exhausts me to give thanks for the sake of the gesture.
Just shower me with kindess,
genuine acts and words of your appreciation
with no agenda for cordiality.
I am not stuck in my ways,
oblivious to a changing world
and my dynamic nature.
I challenge you to help me grow into new desires,
out of bad habits.
I will change with you,
but I will never leave my deepest person behind.
I pray that you discover
that intimate part of me
and that you embrace it tighter than I ever could,
love it more deeply than I know how.
I am delightful, I know that to be true.
I hope you understand
that this deliberation is not an aim of conceit.
I just recently discovered my worth
and I hope you burn to take me on.
I am sufficient.
I am more than enough for any man.
I will love you more than any woman can.
I just ask that you respect and adore the creation I have become.
I am an entirely wonderful creation
ready with love for you.

1 comment:

jlee said...

i will not say things you want to hear
but things i want to say
i will not show things you want to see
but things i want to show you

i miss you friend and thanks for sharing things;
things that have meaning.