Sunday, September 12, 2004

John Hancock

Kind, clever, caring, creative, and passionate as fire's red...
Above all things the world today could stand a bit more passion.
Thouroughly boundless like a fairy who suits her fickle fancies as she pleases...
Holding back my curiosity is a feat I find nearly impossible.
Even though I love to love, after a second glance you wouldn't know that I have never been kissed.
Really...why rush when I have books and music, poems and skirts, and plenty of boys to flirt with?
In truth-believe it or not-boys do make the best friends.
Noon time dates for chicken curry and rice, so spicy my eyes water,
Entertain persistent dreams I have with all those nameless boys...
Though I'm sure they remember me and my curls in a day when straighteners are household appliances.
Ordinary girls have rooms just like mine, but which of them has my books, pictures, letters, journals and keepsakes to fill them?
My name changes daily from person to place but some things surely will not...
Pink will always make me feel pretty.

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