Wednesday, December 03, 2003

this one is the only one not written by me. but since he is one of my best friends, I will pretend it is mine...

this is written by David Burget
The Lady Over the Sea

these voices raise questions like oceans raise waves,
your face like a memory, lost in the haze,
i look to your picture, lost in your smile,
my heart will stand idle, and wait all the while,
an ocean the barrier so placid and blue,
my strength to cross it, i find in you,
it starts with a memory, and turns to a dream,
what happened then, is not what it seems,
these visions bring answers like sad songs bring tears,
what rain falls from my cheek, you must find sincere,
you laugh and you smile and you twirl as you dance,
you say i dont love you, just give me a chance,
i found you so lovely, i lost you the same
-to be continued by David Burget who is wonderful in every way.

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