Sunday, July 27, 2003

I remember as a kid, I was always so anxious to pull my teeth when they were loose. A nervous sort of anxious...I was very much against pain. I guess that would justify me being a wimp. Secretly I admired the brave kids. The ones who would yank out random teeth, just because they could: "So what, they aren't loose? Well...I'll just show that sucker! Tooth fairy here i come! Cha ching!!"
On the other hand, I was a "waiter". I was afraid to pull them out myself. It just...wasn't my thing.
Totally out of character, on Friday I helped a girl pull out her first loose tooth. No telling what came over me, but I was this little girl's cheerleader. This tiny girl, Marissa, is possibly the gutsiest kid around. She had a tumor on her pinkie, but it didn't phase her at all. She had a pink cast, so it was cool. You should have seen her with that tooth. should have seen us with that tooth.

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