Friday, May 30, 2003

As of May 27, I became a working girl. I'd like to say I felt an earth shattering change, but coming home after that first day on the job, it felt more like a birthday, only I had turned 100 and still had the little kids at my birthday party. I work at Summerscope, which is a kid's day care sort of thing through the summer. So far, it has proven to be tiring work, but the kids are great, and it's an exciting job.

I looked forward to the day they would look forward to me. Growing up as a kid enrolled in the summer camps at my own church, I had plenty of camp workers to look up to. I always wanted to be near every one of them. I wanted their attention, and when I got it, the angels sang from heaven above. Or...I stopped crying and whining, which I'm sure constitued for some sweet choirs of angels rejoicing. On the other hand, however, I always wished that someday, there would be kids who felt the same way about me. I wanted them to want me. I think that kids can see that, or feel it with their super human powers.

I have been told I have a way with children. I'm not sure what qualifies a person to be "good with kids" however, if it were a legitimate title, I think I could wear it proudly. I'd sign my checks, Katie "Good With Kids" Thompson. "Good with kids" may be translated more realistically as meaning "good with making kids be good", or "being so kiddish yourself that you meet them right on their kiddie level". However it may be defined, I think it is safe to say I have a gift. I am a tamer of the wild beasts, however, I don't abuse my authority as a grown up.

So it's off to another exhausting day of children following me closer than my shadow. Exciting....

But in all reality, I really do look forward to it.

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