Sunday, December 22, 2002

this morning, i woke up in florida. it was a grand feeling to be able to walk around in flip flops, in the winter mind you, without my toes turning blue. i had forgotten how beautiful and rich tampa is. its hyper chic! i wish all you normanites could see lovely tampon. its...beautiful..and rich! i feel like the country mouse in the big city. everything has changed so much...but still good ole' katy. or just...ole' katy, dreamy days like these i cant quite tell. "kinda like my life is like a sequel to a movie where the actor's names have changed". my friends sound the same, and im not sure some of them will ever find their way out. i like those constants. ive still been afraid that i will see someone who remembers me, but i wont recognize them. "and most of my memories have escaped me, Or confused themselves with dreams..."

::lyrics courtesy of the sexy John Mayer-83:: he is sucha friggen stud. im jealous of his creative way to mold is where i can borrow them!

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