Thursday, August 08, 2002

momma and boys
Today, we hung out with momma and her girls from work. I am so surprised every time i am with them, cause i realize that my mom is more my friend than an actual parental gaurdian, accept for the respect, and the whole "i can ground u for that smart-ass" aspect. Its so silly to be around the ladies, cause all they do is talk about cute boys. They have more crushes that i have had in years...accept im the only one among them unmarried! They encourage me to have "boyfriends". Any boyfriends i can find, they say i should keep. Theyre just imaginary crushes though, if thats at all concievable. Any guy who is cute and flirts with you, can be your boyfriend. You dont need to know his name, or his age, or anything about him-there is no age restricton. Its so so so silly, but refreshing and fun! My boyfriend at Barnes and Noble is by far the cutest in town. He's much older...which is cool, because in boyfriend-land, real life means nothing. The less chance of an actual relationship, the better it is. But dont get me wrong...he needs the perfect personality. My mother is insane, but i love these silly games.

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